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I’m playing at club 347 tonight! It’s only $5 to get in! Come and support some currently local music before @rufusbmore and DA B’more brass factory starts touring nationwide!

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first of all: her music is fantastic, and most of the time have a cool as hecka sci-fi like story to them

she tells young women that they can wear whatever makes them happy, wearing a tux most of the time herself (and fucking rocking it)

when asked about her sexuality, replied with “I only date androids” and I personally think that’s fantastic 
and did I mention, total cutie 

this has been a Janelle Monae appreciation post

Why can’t I move out?

I lack a car,music is just ONLY paying my rent,and I can’t get more gigs because I don’t have a car,Then this shitty day job is barely paying $450 every two weeks then playing at a church that takes taxes out my measly $150 check and is late on their bi-weekly pay sometimes.

I feel like I’m stuck and not moving anywhere….while all my friends are living their dream,going on tours,doing studio sessions with amazing musicians. 

I feel I’m here stuck I somehow end up being the strong point for musicians who haven’t really studied their craft or pushed themselves,playing gigs that rarely pays more than $150 instead of being challenged musically or compensated well for my time or playing gigs that involve selling tickets at the door because the band is in a circuit where “You need to bring people in” (instead of the venue promoting their OWN place having live music) to get paid barely anything.

Every time I push I get pushed back 3 steps

Like today my parents told me they have a turn off notice and have to pay $1800 to BGE. Mom and Dad only have $1100 to pitch in then I have to somehow pitch in the rest (Remaining $700) which means my entire car savings has a HUGE chunk missing plus I had to give my dad my pay check from work. So I’m back at square zero towards getting a car and my passport.

My skill is dwindling due to lack of time and not being challenged and not being able to practice at all and on top of that I am STILL fucking broke living with my parents….I told myself when I got back from living in California with an old band I was in…..It’s freaking me out and makes me upset at the same time. 

Life is just fucking me over….